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Official solutions to these papers do not exist, but here at STEP Maths we have gone one step beyond written answers to produce full video solutions for every single PAT past paper.


PAT is a Maths and Physics exam required for students applying to study Physics, Engineering, or Materials Science at Oxford. Practising the papers is also useful for preparing for ENGAA or NSAA.


Use our solutions to augment your own revision

Our advice is to consume these videos as part of a regimen of attempting past questions yourself, checking your answers, and revisiting those parts you do not yet fully understand.


No calculator, formula booklet, or data sheet in PAT

These restrictions can be quite daunting, especially when the universities themselves tell you that the exams may contain material that you haven’t yet covered in school.

By observing how an expert approaches each and every problem, you will learn shortcuts both to doing quick calculations without a calculator and to detecting when your answer is implausible and the working needs to be checked.


Much more challenging than A-level

You will be required to answer unstructured problems which will rely on your ability to draw together material from various different topics.

You will also be expected to use different techniques such as dimensional analysis, physically interpreting a described scenario, employing unfamiliar formulae you are presented with, and answering questions based on conceptual understanding rather than calculation.

All of these methods have been carefully explained throughout our series of video PAT solutions .


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