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Selection of past MAT multiple choice questions with solutions, suitable for preparation for MAT, TMUA, PAT, and ENGAA.

Looking to practise multiple choice maths?

If you’re sitting an exam this November which requires you to do any kind of multiple choice Maths, like the PAT, TMUA, or ENGAA, you’ll know that one of the best sources of multiple choice Maths questions at the level required are MAT papers.


MAT questions demand problem-solving skills

Our collection of Multiple Choice MAT questions from 2007 to 2016 covers a number of topics, but MAT questions thematically test your understanding  of each topic by obscuring its proper use in the question, requiring you to discover what knowledge to use and how.

They are therefore an excellent way of improving your problem solving skills too.


Imrpove your efficiency and time management

With multiple choice questions, timing is key and you’ll want to make sure you are approaching each question in the most direct way possible. Our video solutions to these questions exhibit techniques for finding the most straightforward route to a problem and demonstrate first-hand the thought processes that the tutor uses.


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