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Our original Physics Multiple Choice Questions, at exactly the right level, for you to do as a test or practice, accompanied by full video solutions.


Held up by short multiple choice questions too often?

Unlike a written answer, you don’t have to tackle MCQs going forwards but instead can look at some of the options and deductively eliminate the ones that don’t work. The best way to know which method to use is simply to do lots and lots of practice.


It’s difficult to find lots of multiple choice Physics questions at the level of admissions tests

That’s why STEP Maths has created plenty of multiple choice practice Physics questions for you to attempt.


Thorough and detailed solutions are provided

The approach to solving each problem is explained and justified in the corresponding video.


Problem solving skills taught

The general techniques you will need are tested by multiple questions, so once a problem-solving theme is pointed out in a video, you can practise applying it in later questions

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