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Are you finding it a challenge to put together a personal statement for medical school?

This is a common headache among applicants; many are left uncertain about structure and what to include.


The STEP Maths interview series helps to paint a picture of what makes a successful personal statement, grounding it in the key points that admissions tutors want to see.


Furthermore, if your application is successful and you’re called to interview, it can be an anxious time.


STEP Maths has produced videos which cover each individual type of interview, with detailed analysis of model answers to the major categories of questioning you can expect to face, whether your interview is with a panel or in MMI-format.


So, in this course, you can find:

Personal statements: what to include?

A discussion on the ingredients of an effective personal statement.

Analyses of weak and strong Personal Statements

Videos analysing individual personal statements for their strengths and weaknesses, with detailed discussion of how they could be improved.

Video Mock Interviews with analysis

A series of videos covering different interview types, with example answers analysed in detail for what made them effective and how they could be improved.

Course Content

Personal Statement
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