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A selection of novel questions and past MAT questions from very old papers, plus video solutions to each, intended for further preparation for MAT, TMUA, and PAT for those who may have seen all readily available past questions.


This course is an online version of the MAT/TMUA/Maths for PAT/ENGAA Course which is held over the summer holidays between year 12 and 13.


Exhausted all the the past paper questions you can find?

Our MAT Short Questions Course will give you the chance to continue to figure out how best to approach relatively short Maths questions. We will advance through a progression of unique questions produced by STEP Maths.


New insights into common topics and pitfalls

These questions have been created to acquaint you with and hone in on methods applicable to the MAT paper, sprinkled with older Oxford entrance questions on relevant material.


Learn to unpack and analyse logical statements

This skill is often necessary to grasp what some questions are even asking and is stressed more in MAT and other admissions tests than at A-level.


Handle polynomials of degree higher than a quadratic

These functions are much more common in entrance exams than at A-level, but also require a different set of tricks to analyse.


Analyse unfamiliar functions

You will often be confronted with familiar functions combined in unusual ways, since this is a frequently required skill in MAT, PAT, and also afterwards at interview.


Want to see the quickest and surest techniques?

Each question will be answered succinctly and with full explanation in a video by an expert tutor.

“For anyone that is interesting in taking the MAT, this is the most helpful form of revision for it I have experienced.”

Syrie Gwyn Palmer

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