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Hey !

The PBSAA tests you in a number of different ways. Hence, we’ve created this very small taster bundle for two purposes:

a) For you to gain experience in the different skills tested and learn useful methods from some past PBSAA and PBSAA-style questions

b) To show you the types of videos that you can find within our PBSAA Subscription, which contains 600+ videos. This includes PBSAA past paper solutions. Also included are questions from other tests such as TSA and BMAT in the style of PBSAA Thinking Skills questions. Plus: Maths and Biology practice for PBSAA and MUCH MUCH MORE!

What’s more, our PBSAA Subscription comes with a 24 hour free trial…(up until a couple of weeks before the exam), perfect if you just want a peek to see if the resources would be helpful to you without making a commitment.

Enjoy the PBSAA Taster Videos!

The STEPMaths Team

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