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Video solutions to familiarise yourself with this relatively new exam


There are only a couple of years’ past papers for the ENGAA and no worked solutions

The team at STEP Maths has taken some time to create some excellent video solutions for Paper B of the Specimen Papers and both of the 2016 papers. (Official Worked solutions already exist for Paper A of the Specimen Papers)

Watch our video solutions after trying each paper

After you have worked through the paper yourself (and it is recommended that you leave the 2016 paper as your final mock), reviewing the video solutions that we have created will give you reassurance that your thinking was along the right lines and teach you new methods where it wasn’t.

Learn how to think about tricky questions

Where you weren’t so successful in coming to the correct answer, you can use the video solutions to become acclimated to the line of thinking used by the tutor in order to reach the correct answer next time.

Catch up on unfamiliar material

You will see that the end of papers sometimes use theory which you may not have yet covered at school, so going through these solutions will also teach you techniques that you weren’t yet familiar with.

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