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Unique and visually explained video-solutions for past BMAT Papers.

For a number of universities, including Oxford and Cambridge, your BMAT score can determine shortlisting for interview, or the difference between an offer and rejection. We present a series of videos covering all three sections of the paper, the knowledge you will need, and the best approach to answering quickly.


Students often struggle with the short space of time available

The STEP Maths walkthrough of past exam questions allows you to observe different techniques and strategies for each recurring question type, which you can use to improve your speed and ultimately your score.


What do you need to revise for section 2?

Section 2 gauges scientific knowledge. STEP Maths offers a comprehensive analysis of the official BMAT Specification with discussion of all the scientific principles you need to be familiar with.


What you will find in this course

  • A complete video walkthrough of every question from recent past papers for Section 1 and Section 2, with a focus on answering questions as quickly as possible.
  • A series of videos comprehensively detailing the specification requirements for Section 2 for Biology, Chemistry and Physics, covering all that you need to know for the paper.
  • Tips and guidance for essay planning for Section 3, the essay paper which many students find difficult to tackle.
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