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A collection of past STEP 1 questions with hints and solutions, designed to cover a range of topics you might not otherwise revise frequently at STEP level.

Useful for any STEP paper or other Maths admissions test for anyone who has covered all A-level core Maths.


STEP can test any A-level material, but never in a straightforward way

You will struggle if you are not well practised at STEP questions on almost every topic. This course addresses that need for practice by collecting STEP 1 questions on a number of themes which crop up multiple times in STEP but which you might not otherwise have the opportunity to practise in a systematic way.

Unique system of hints maximises potential value

We include a series of hints for each question which give increasing amounts away, so you can always look for as much or as little of a clue as you need, and therefore can do as much of the question as you can yourself before viewing the solution.

An especially difficult and little-revised topic is geometry

Therefore we include many questions on the geometry of circles, the application of trigonometry in geometry, and the geometry of three-dimensional figures.

Other topics:

  • Exotic sequences and series, including series of functions
  • Integration applied to inequalities and estimates
  • Sketching rational functions
  • Manipulating logarithms
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