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An opportunity to practise and analyse STEP questions with solutions from our tutors.


This is an online version of the STEP Course we hold in October Half Term of year 13.


The material is accessible to anyone who has studied C1 to C3 and is useful preparation for any STEP paper, other Maths admissions tests, and similar exams like the AEA.


Teaching approaches to otherwise daunting STEP questions

No matter how forbidding STEP papers may first look, there are common themes and broadly-useful techniques that can be taught and repeatedly applied to them. We want to help you develop key, fundamental skills useful for answering any STEP Question.


STEP questions reflect the expectations of university-level mathematics

Therefore, exposure to the concepts and examples we teach also amounts to useful preparation for admissions interviews and for first-year undergraduate mathematics.

Insights beyond those you would gain working through the questions alone

Our video solutions provide support at every step and fully explain a solution to each question, or perhaps several solutions and their different merits.

You will learn how to know what a question expects of you, what the different available techniques are, and what common pitfalls to avoid.

Special focus on each area of the A-level syllabus

We proceed through the syllabus as year-13 students first cover it. In this course, the spotlight is on trigonometry and differentiation.

  • Differentiation including the chain, product and quotient rules
  • Polynomials and their properties including multivariable polynomials
  • Graph sketching including sketching complicated composite functions
  • Advanced trigonometric identities
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