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A course covering past STEP questions on the most difficult parts of the A-level Maths syllabus, valuable for preparing for any of the three STEP papers


An online version of the STEP Course held during February Half Term of Year 13.


  • Master integration by parts and by substitution
  • Explore the use of integrals in calculating volumes and probabilities
  • Develop a refined and expanded understanding of differential equations
  • Learn to exploit trigonometric identities with speed and efficiency
  • Gain a command over vectors and vector geometry

There are new and difficult parts of the Year 13 syllabus for the STEP examiners to test you on

Our next instalment is focused on helping you get a firm grip on the hardest A-level material and its application in STEP. There is a particular focus on integration and trigonometry.

Background theory on top of the usual questions and solutions

As usual, you will have a chance to work through specially-selected questions, with full solutions then presented for each question. However, this time we will also provide short introductions to some background theory that will deepen your understanding and experience of the material and give you some insight into what you will face at university.

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