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At-Interview-Test Preparation from CSAT

At-Interview-Test Preparation from CSAT

The CSAT (used by Cambridge before the CTMUA) was adapted from the at-interview tests that many Cambridge colleges still use, so the 3 sample papers are excellent preparation in case you sit one of these tests. Also includes further questions on topics common in these...
Maths Admissions Summer School (Pre-recorded) – for Oxbridge Academy Students

Maths Admissions Summer School (Summer Year 12 – Online)

Study of past STEP questions based on Year 12 Maths, useful for all Maths admissions tests, such as MAT, TMUA, CSAT, and STEP. This is an online version of the Maths Admissions Summer School that we hold in the summer between Year 12 and 13.   If you have your...

CSAT Topic Sheets

This course contains selections of questions, mostly from the Mathematics Olympiad and related papers, on topics that are common in CSAT but are not often practised at A-level. Why not try the questions on each topic as practice, before watching the corresponding...
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