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The STEP Maths Vision and Mission Statement



STEP Maths empowers students to confidently sit Admissions Tests when applying to read STEM subjects at the best and most competitive universities in the UK.


STEP Maths beieves that no student should find Admissions Tests inaccessible due to financial circumstances, geographical constrains or lack of support at school.

Our Story

STEP Maths was the brain child of Maths teachers, teaching in schools with very bright pupils, but few teachers to engage with them or stretch them to fulfil their potential.

Doing further research into schools in and around London, it appeared that only rarely did schools have teachers with the expertise to help students to succeed with the challenging MAT and STEP papers, which are now being requested by increasingly many universities as offer requirements. Even some independent schools did not have that much experience in preparing students for Oxbridge entry.

1-1 tuition for STEP papers does exist, but for the most part, is very pricey. Parents can expect to pay a minimum of £50 per hour, stretching to £150 per hour in some cases. Given the sheer variety of questions that the STEP and MAT examinations test, a few hours of private tuition might not suffice.

Hence we decided to create a series of intensive courses, each focusing on a different area or set of topics, some of which are not in the A-level syllabus but very helpful when answering STEP questions. The courses are designed to complement each other, and after each one, students should find that they are able to answer an increasingly large subset of questions from past papers, with much more confidence. Essentially, students receive 15-20 hours of tuition for the price of at most 5-7 hours otherwise.

STEP Maths will provide an immersion into mathematical thinking and problem solving, working with like-minded students with different ways of approaching problems and being supported and guided by experienced tutors are just some of the benefits of attending a STEP Maths course. As the courses have been created and planned by qualified teachers, with pedagogical theory in mind, students are able to thrive under their instruction.

For students applying to Oxford, or other universities not needing STEP, there is a tendency to think that simply looking at MAT papers and questions is sufficient. We don’t agree – at STEP Maths, we believe that ANY problem solving practice will be beneficial to all students. In particular, there is a degree of overlap between MAT and STEP I, and so we encourage students taking MAT to improve their problem solving skills holistically, by tackling all sorts of questions including those in MAT, STEP, AEA and Interview style questions.

It is prolonged exposure to, and the willingness to persevere through tough problems that builds the problem solving brain, which will help any student applying for a Mathematics, Engineering, Natural Sciences or Computer Science Course at a top university in the UK, or indeed anywhere in the world.