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40 days to Oxbridge admissions tests: the final countdown

Sunday 26th September 2021, 10:30am BST. Live on Zoom.

A Parents’ Webinar.

If you’re the parent of an Oxbridge STEM, Economics, or Medicine applicant, then this webinar is especially for you.

Oxbridge Parents' Webinar

There are just about 40 days left until A-day! (Admissions Test day).

These 6 weeks are critical to your child’s success in the Oxbridge application process, not least because they are the two months preceding what will be one of the most important tests of their life to date.

In this webinar, we will be discussing:

  • the importance of admissions tests, especially this year when public examinations haven’t taken place for two years
  • the proportional (un)importance of the personal statement for STEM admissions
  • when interview preparation should start and the consequences of leaving it too late
  • the importance of timed mocks and just how time-pressured the tests really can be
  • why spending too long choosing a college is a waste of time
  • what an Oxbridge interview is really like
  • how Oxford and Cambridge invite students to interview respectively, and the relative importance of the admissions test at every stage in the process
  • how The Oxbridge Formula’s courses can give students the best possible change when it comes to admissions test and interview preparation