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3x 1-1 Cambridge Land Economy Mock Interviews

Cambridge Land Economy Interview Preparation is absolutely vital.

Get three Cambridge Land Economy Mock interviews from a Cambridge Land Economy graduate who is a highly experienced Head of Economics at a leading independent school, with over two decades of experience preparing students for Oxbridge.

You will receive a comprehensive debrief after each Land Economy interview, so you can practise acting on the feedback in the next one.

Examples of what a typical interview might cover (your real interviews will vary):

  • What is Compulsory Purchasing Ordering and how does it impact my granny?
  • Why are we building HS2?
  • Do beaches and parks really matter?
  • Why not just ban cars and make all bus lanes cycle lanes?
  • What is the difference between accidental damage and damage with intent?
  • There is a housing problem in the UK so who really cares about the green belt and why do we even need planning permission anymore?
  • Maybe microcredit schemes in sub-Saharan Africa don’t work after all?
  • This is an investment of £499 for a 2-hour session (3x 30 minute mock interviews, plus feedback immediately after each interview).

Option 1: 2 hour session – £499

(I.e. 3x 30 minute mock interviews, each followed by feedback)

Complete the form below to book. Strictly limited time slots are available, so book early to avoid disappointment.

Option 2: 2x 2-hour sessions – £899

(I.e. 6 mock interviews on 2 different days)

Call to book: +442074594139


Cambridge Land Economy interview

Cambridge Land Economy Mock Interview (will be held on Zoom this year)

Land Economy is a very niche degree and it’s extremely challenging to find experienced mentors in this subject. However, at The Oxbridge Formula, we have a Land Economy Graduate tutor (who has an undergraduate and Master’s degree in Land Economy), who has mentored multiple student to Cambridge successfully.

So if you want to maximise your chances of offer, fill out the form above to get 3x1-1 Land Economy Mock Interviews with a tutor with a proven track record of getting students into Oxbridge.

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