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Maths | Engineering | Physics | Computer Science | Natural Sciences | Medicine | Dentistry

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Did you know:

Students who took our STEP courses throughout the year achieved

on average 2 grades higher on our STEP Mock Day than those who did not.

Why Trust STEP Maths with your Admissions Test Preparation?

This is all we do!


Our tutors are a friendly group of qualified teachers, PhD students and 1st Class Oxbridge Graduates.

All chosen carefully by STEP Maths for their ability to explain tricky topics simply.

This is all we do. We totally specialise in Mathematics, Physics and related subjects, so you know that you’ll be receiving tuition of the highest standard, which has been thoroughly quality checked.

Wherever you are!


Our in-person courses in London are complemented by a comprehensive bank of online resources.

To the best of our knowledge we at STEP Maths have the most thorough bank of online tutorials for Admissions Tests out there.


Listen to our students, not us!


Course after course, we receive glowing feedback from our students.

We have also implemented suggestions from many of our students, and our courses are continually growing and evolving to meet your needs.

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Which tests might you have to take?


STEP Maths (STEP I, II and III)

Sixth Term Examination Papers

Applying for: Maths (sometimes Computer Science)

Contains: Maths

Universities: Cambridge, Warwick, Bath, UCL, Imperial, Bristol, Loughborough and other universities



Mathematics Admissions Test

Applying for: Maths, Maths & Philosophy/Computer Science, Computer Science

Contains: Maths, Logic

Universities: Oxford, Imperial, reduced offer at Warwick



Test of Mathematics for University Admissions

Applying for: Maths / Maths and Economics

Contains: Maths, Logic

Universities: Durham, LSE and other universities as part of alternative offers (Warwick, Lancaster, Sheffield)



Physics Aptutide Test

Applying for: Physics, Physics and Philosophy, Engineering, Materials Science

Contains: Maths, Physics

Universities: Oxford



Engineering Admissions Assessment

Applying for: Engineering, Chemical Engineering

Contains: Maths, Physics

Universities: Cambridge



Natural Sciences Admissions Assessment

Applying for: Natural Sciences

Contains: Maths, Chemistry, Biology, Physics

Universities: Cambridge

Over 300 students to date

Furthest a student has travelled in km to attend a STEP Maths Course

94% 4*/5* Reviews

Average STEP Mock grade difference between students who did and didn't attend our courses

 Why are the admissions tests so difficult?

Deeper level of thinking

STEP, MAT, PAT, ENGAA, NSAA and TMUA all provide a level of challenge beyond the requirements of A-level. The questions are very unpredictable and you have to apply concepts you know to very unfamiliar situations.

Lack of structure

STEP Maths, MAT and PAT questions are unstructured and unscaffolded – it isn’t always obvious how to proceed with a question. For Maths, there is a large emphasis on proof, which is not covered much at A-level but forms the basis of a Maths degree.

Logic and proof

You need to use logical statements to construct a clear and concise argument to gain top marks in the STEP Maths paper and TMUA.

 What do we do at STEP Maths to make your life easier?

Affordable and Structured

STEP Maths offers affordable courses that provide a systematic, thorough and topic by topic introduction to STEP, MAT, PAT and ENGAA style questions.

As STEP Maths’ courses are held over multiple days, you will be immersed in thinking, discussing and presenting mathematically, which schools can’t always offer.

Time Saving Tips

You will learn many tricks and shortcuts to be able to see through problems and get to the heart of what the question is asking.

You will be able to ask questions and receive feedback from our extremely knowledgeable and experienced STEP Maths Tutors.

2 Brains are better than 1

The discussion and group work elements of STEP Maths courses provide educational advantages that tutoring alone cannot offer.

Typical Course Day Structure

Although each course is slightly different, here is the typical course structure. Exact details will be provided upon registration


10am - 1pm

Introductions, Learning and Workshops

1pm - 2pm

Lunch (not provided)

2pm - 4pm

Afternoon Learning and Workshops

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