STEP Maths Preparation Courses

If you want to study Maths, Computer Science, Engineering or Natural Sciences at a leading UK university, you may be asked to sit one of the following tests:

MAT – Mathematics Admissions Test (Oxford, Imperial)
AEA – Advanced Extension Award (Warwick)
STEP Maths I, II, III – Sixth Term Examination Paper (Cambridge, Warwick, UCL, Bath, Bristol)

If universities don’t ask for them, they sometimes look favourably upon students taking the initiative to sit them.


STEP Maths provides a systematic, thematic and affordable series of courses to prepare you for STEP Maths, MAT Maths and AEA Maths. Run by experienced and qualified teachers together with PhD students with Oxbridge Degrees. You’d be crazy to miss out.


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STEP Maths Course Schedule

STEP Maths – STEP I, II and III consist of a vast array of topics, spanning both Maths and Further Maths. Increasingly many schools teach the Mathematics Syllabus alongside the Further Maths Syllabus and we have carefully crafted our courses to follow the topics that an A-level would have covered until this point in the year, building up the students’ problem solving skills in a gradual yet effective manner.

So, starting with selected material from STEP I and II in the Summer Term of year 12, we build up the material with harder trigonometry and calculus in the Autumn Term of year 13, moving onto the concepts used in STEP III such as complex numbers, polar coordinates, hyperbolic functions and advanced calculus in the Spring Term of year 13.



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Suggested Pathways



(Oxford and Imperial)

STEP I/II Pathway

(Warwick, UCL, Bath, Bristol, Loughborough)

STEP III Pathway


Our Courses

Problem Solving at the core of STEP Maths

STEP Maths provide an immersion into mathematical thinking and problem solving, working with like-minded students with different ways of approaching problems and being supported and guided by experienced tutors are just some of the benefits of attending a STEP Maths course. As the STEP Maths courses have been created and planned by qualified teachers, with pedagogical theory in mind, students are able to thrive under their instruction.

For students applying to Oxford, or other universities not needing STEP Maths, there is a tendency to think that simply looking at Oxford MAT papers and questions is sufficient. We don’t agree – at STEP Maths, we believe that ANY problem solving practice will be beneficial to all students. In particular, there is a degree of overlap between MAT and STEP I, and so we encourage students taking MAT to improve their problem solving skills holistically, by tackling all sorts of questions including those in MAT, STEP, AEA and Interview style questions.

It is prolonged exposure to, and the willingness to persevere through tough problems that builds the problem solving brain, which will help any student applying for a Mathematics, Engineering, Natural Sciences or Computer Science Course at a top university in the UK, or indeed anywhere in the world.

Why are the STEP Maths, Oxford MAT and AEA Maths Papers so difficult?

  • The MAT, AEA and STEP Maths papers all provide a level of challenge far beyond the requirements of A-level. The questions are very unpredictable and you have to apply concepts you know to very unfamiliar situations.
  • The STEP Maths questions and unstructured and unscaffolded – it isn’t always obvious how to proceed with a question. There is a large emphasis on proof, which is not covered much at A-level but forms the basis of a Maths degree.
  • You need to use logical statements to construct a clear and concise argument to gain top marks in the a STEP Maths paper.

What do we offer to make your life easier?

  • STEP Maths offers affordable courses that provide a systematic, thorough and topic by topic introduction to STEP, MAT and AEA style questions.
  • As STEP Maths’ courses are held over multiple days, you will be immersed in thinking, discussing and presenting mathematically, which schools can’t always offer.
  • You will learn many tricks and shortcuts to be able to see through problems and get to the heart of what the question is asking.
  • You will be able to ask questions and receive feedback from our extremely knowledgeable and experienced STEP Maths Tutors.
  • The discussion and group work elements of STEP Maths courses provide educational advantages that tutoring alone cannot offer.

STEP Maths, the Oxford MAT and AEA Maths Papers are excellent preparation

  • With the style of these examinations being so different to A-level, continued exposure to difficult maths problems is essential if you are preparing to being an undergraduate degree in Mathematics.
  • Whether or not STEP Maths is an offer requirement, experience of tackling such questions will give you the edge, even when you begin your university course. Our courses will undoubtedly lessen the otherwise vast gap between A-level and Undergraduate Mathematics.
“A very helpful course for those wishing to participate in STEP. The problems were challenging and interesting to do, and the help from the staff was invaluable – 10/10!”
Eddie Revell, Queen Elizabeth School, Barnet
“I learnt skills for how to tackle a whole STEP paper as well as learning new things about the maths I had already covered at school. It was very informative and fun – 10/10!”
Charlotte Manser, Godolphin and Latymer, Hammersmith

STEP Maths

If you’ve ever looked at a STEP paper, you’ll know how intimidating it looks. Our aim is to teach you tricks and shortcuts to help you see where the examiner is coming from – to see right through the problem and knock out a brilliant solution.

On the other hand, if you’ve never heard of weird acronyms like STEP, MAT and AEA before, we have just the thing to help you. Our FREE guidebook answers all the FAQs about these!

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